About me

I am a seasoned full-stack lead developer that is highly passionate about producing software that provides real business value in quick iterations. I utilize lean and agile software development principles to achieve this goal.


I am an independent software consultant with 15+ years of professional experience. I provide my services as a Lead Software Developer for start-ups as well as enterprises. I am full-stack developer – this basically means that I do front-end as well as back-end development and am well-versed is doing code deployments and everything else that goes into “pushing” an application to production. I also provide the following services depending upon the needs of client: backlog prioritization and sprint plannings, mentoring team members, conducting interviews, doing performance profiling, serving as a liaison between business and IT, and delivering training/presentations as needed.


I have a strong passion for learning new technologies and I am a very quick-learner. I strive to stay up-to date with new trends and technologies on an on-going basis.

My specialties includes:

  • Full-stack Development: I have expertise with the following technologies: Ruby on Rails stack, ASP .NET MVC stack, REST-based APIs, JS technologies (AngularJS, KnockoutJS), relational databases (SQL Server, mySql), noSQL databases (MongoDB, RavenDB).
  • Team Lead: conducting sprint planning, prioritizing the backlog, setting up an environment that is conducive to rapid development and continuous deployment, plus everything else necessary to help my team-members churn out features that provide end-user value in quick iterations.
  • Conversion Optimization: running SEO analysis, A/B Tests, performing data-analytics, etc.
  • Performance monitoring/improvement: using tools such as New Relic to setup rules/alerts and monitoring response time and throughout.

Hire Me

If you’d like to hire me or just get in touch, I can be reached via email at nizar.noorani@gmail.com.

Selected Clients

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