12 thoughts on “Writing Integration Tests for ASP .NET with Selenium 2.0 – Part 2

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  3. Abu Hamzah

    Thanks for the article… My QA team requires to have Visual Studio copy in order to test the test cases?

    The other question I have is is there any other way (other than Selenium IDE) we can test the test cases (written in C#) without using the Visual Studio?

    waiting to hear from you.

  4. Abu Hamzah

    yep, I exactly thought the same, write test cases in VS and let the QA team run the test using NUnit.

  5. Nizar Post author

    Yea, it should work. One thing to note is that the test-fixtures need to be setup differently and the test-cases need to use the NUnit attributes. So just make sure that your developers write the test-cases such that they can be run using NUnit.


  6. Abu Hamzah

    I have a question about the time-out… some of my pages takes time hence my test case is failed and it failed because of Id is not available and how would you go after this? and I see that you are using in constructor but does it really helping or should i have a method that and do wait time before it finds the id? all the time?

  7. Nizar Post author

    Yes..both StaticDriver.Manage().Timeouts().ImplicitlyWait(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(TimeOut)) and the ClickAndWait() method that I implemented in my post should help you in dealing with timeouts and pausing before doing a find.

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  9. Jackson W. Santiago

    We don’t, however, recommend you do all your test automation using Selenium IDE. To effectively use Selenium you will need to build and run your tests using either Selenium 2 or Selenium 1 in conjunction with one of the supported programming languages. Which one you choose depends on you.

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