Dynamically creating input fields on tab via CoffeeScript and JQuery

Below is my very own, very first, super-clean, super-sexy CoffeeScript snippet that dynamically appends input fields as the user tabs through the current input field. The source-code is on the left. On the right you can actually play with it and see it in action!

inputId = 1;
jQuery -> 
  $("#fields :input").live 'keydown', (e) ->
    if isModifierKeyPressed e
    if e.keyCode in [9, 13]
      if isLastActivity($(this).attr 'id')
      return false
isModifierKeyPressed = (e) ->
  e.ctrlKey or e.altKey or e.shiftKey
isLastActivity = (inputFieldId) ->
  inputNumber = 
    (Number) inputFieldId.split('activity')[1]
  inputNumber == inputId
addAnotherTextInput = ->
  $("#fields").append getInputField inputId
getInputField = (inputId) ->
  return "<input type='text' id='activity#{inputId}' 
                 placeholder='Type something and then press tab' />"

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